Doctors, pharmacists break prescription rule

November 12, 2012 - 4:58:12 am

DOHA: The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) has taken action against some doctors and pharmacists for forming a nexus to issue unauthorised medical prescriptions to patients.

As per SCH regulations, pharmacists are not permitted to sell a number of medicines like antibiotics without a prescription. To get around this rule, some pharmacists were found using blank prescription sheets to prepare prescriptions on their own. “Recently, we have detected a few cases of this sort. This is a serious offence and those involved can face severe punishment including cancellation of the licence. They could also be blacklisted in Qatar and other GCC countries,” a senior SCH official said yesterday.

The violation was detected during routine inspections conducted by the Quality Control Department at SCH. There are certain medicines that can be sold over the counter. However, some patients would approach a pharmacy for several other medicines without a prescription. Since all the medical prescriptions have to be kept in the pharmacy for record, some pharmacists resort to forging the document using the seal and prescription sheet of a licensed doctor.

The pharmacists as well as the doctors involved in such practices will face punishment, warned the official. He said the SCH is still receiving forged documents from medical professionals abroad seeking a job in Qatar.

Over the past three years, the SCH has received more than 1,000 such documents, mainly educational certificates and experience certificates. The SCH has tied up with an international company to scrutinise all documents of overseas medical professionals seeking a licence here. In a majority of the cases, the forgery is detected even before the applicants arrive in Qatar. Applicants providing forged documents will be blacklisted in Qatar and all over the Gulf. 

The SCH has also blacklisted several health care facilities abroad issuing fake medical certificates to job seekers, he added.The Peninsula