WISE opens photo exhibition

November 08, 2012 - 4:54:27 am

Renowned photographer Reza explaining his works at the Sheraton Park yesterday. Shaival Dalal

By Fazeena Saleem 

DOHA: Going beyond boundaries in Doha the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) yesterday launched a photographic exhibition at the Sheraton Park on the Corniche.  

The exhibition entitled ‘Hope’ emphasises the need for education in the conflict zones and reflects the hope children living in those places have for life.  

It showcases a collection photographs taken in many countries like South Africa, Palestine and Afghanistan by renowned photographer Reza. 

First of its kind exhibition to be held coinciding with the WISE summit, marks the beginning of many educational programmes that will take place on the sidelines of the fourth WISE Summit, which will be held for three days from November 13 at the Qatar National Convention Centre. 

The ‘Hope’ exhibition will run on the Corniche at the Sheraton Park from today, creating awareness among public about the need for transforming education. 

“WISE is committed to transforming education to meet the needs of the 21st century so that we can better tackle our shared global problems and give everyone the hope of a secure future for themselves and their families. The arts play an important role in raising awareness, rallying people to shared values and inspiring them to achieve their ideals. HOPE is a fine example of art as a universal language which, I believe, shares the inherent values of WISE,” said Dr Abdulla bin Ali Al Thani, Chairman, WISE, speaking at a press conference held at the Msheireb Enrichment Centre, before launching the exhibition. 

The visual narrative of Reza which has more than 30 years of stories from war zones  are  from the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan to the River Amur in eastern Asia and the heights of Algeria’s Assekrem plateau. 

They reveal the invisible boundaries where joy verges on despair, where conflict meets indulgence, but where life always triumphs. 

The images show that even in critical situations, men, women and children find hope to help endure the unimaginable. 

“There were times, many times in war situations, where I have seen people in refugee camps. I always see hope in their eyes,” said Reza. 

“They call me a war photographer, but I would call myself a peace correspondent,” he explained. 

In addition to the photo exhibition, an educational programme has been organised that includes opportunities for personal meetings with Reza and others. 

Activities include a guided visit of the exhibition by the photographer for students, screenings of documentaries, and a conference and debate with Reza, entitled “The Power of Image for Social Change”.

Reza was commissioned to record images for the latest WISE Book, Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work, which focuses on case studies and personal stories emerging from 15 original projects around the world that were identified through the networks of the WISE community, including winners and finalists of the WISE Awards. 

Each year WISE recognises and showcases six original education projects around the world that are having a transformative effect on societies.

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