Name and shame: CPD names shops violating consumer protection law

April 02, 2012 - 12:21:50 am


DOHA: In what many consider a belated move, the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) has started publicising the names of shops violating the country’s consumer protection law.

If the department has issued a decision against any violating outlet, the latter is obliged to get it published in two Arabic dailies for two consecutive days at its own cost, according to an amended law issued last year. The announcement should be in Arabic language.

According to an advertisement appeared in an Arabic daily yesterday, the CPD has closed down the butchery at the Umm Ghuwailina branch of the Giant Store for two months. The outlet faced closure after the Department found that the product descriptions on meat packets sold by the outlet were incorrect. Giving false information to the consumers is considered a fraud in the consumer protection law.