Redeem Qtel Nojoom points for charity

August 12, 2010 - 12:26:48 am

Doha: The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for togetherness, compassion and generosity. To support customers during this important time, Qtel is offering its customers the chance to make donations to Qatar Charity using their Nojoom Points, and the firm will double every donation.

Through the new Qtel initiative, members of Nojoom, the company’s rewards programme, can redeem accumulated Nojoom points to make a charitable donation. Qtel will double all donations made through this process, and make the donation to Qatar Charity in each participating customer’s name.

All donations will be used to help less fortunate families during the Holy Month, both at home and abroad, to fuel a sense of togetherness, compassion, and generosity.

For example, when a Nojoom member redeems 2,000 Nojoom Points, for a QR50 charitable donation, Qtel will send the donation to Qatar Charity in the member’s name along with a matching QR50, for a total donation of QR100. Redeeming Nojoom points for a charitable donation is as simple as visiting the Nojoom section of the Qtel website. All the Nojoom member has to do is sign into their account, indicate the number of Nojoom Points they would like to redeem for a charitable donation (Riyal equivalents are also posted online), click and hit redeem.

The full range of Nojoom earning, point redemption and charitable donation opportunities during Ramadan emphasises the spirit of generosity that characterises the Holy Month, while encouraging Nojoom members to get the most from their memberships.

Qatar Charity welcomes partnerships among private sector institutions and non-governmental enterprises in the country. Cooperation such as that between Qatar Charity and Qtel during Ramadan serves as a model for future partnerships throughout the year.

Qatar Charity also has several youth centre affiliates offering services for young Qataris year round, including Qimam Club, Taj Al Waqaar Center for Qur’an Studies, Al Khoor Center for community development, Al Nour center for women, and volunteer programmes for young boys and girls.

For more information on the Nojoom customer reward programme, call 111 or visit the Nojoom section of the Qtel website to register at For further information about the work of Qatar Charity, contact them at (974) 44667711 or visit the Qatar Charity website at   The Peninsula