Govt fails to improve governance in public interest areas

September 04, 2014 - 12:00:00 am

KARACHI: The federal government has failed to improve the governance levels in key public interest areas in the first year of its rule, revealed a public survey yesterday.

“The federal government’s efforts have been unable to register significant improvement in governance,” stated the survey conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT).

The respondents evaluated the government’s performance negative on account of investment friendliness, poverty alleviation, law and order, healthcare, transparency, energy production and management, anti-corruption, investment friendliness, tax and utility bills collection, management of unemployment, development programme, controlling of inflation, water resource development and management, etc.

According to the results, the respondents considered the performance of the federal government as negative with regards to 26 out of 30 indicators.

“Continued attention and reform in these areas can help overturn the current negative net performance rating into positive evaluation,” stated the survey report.

Foreign policy, national security and immunisation of children were the two areas in which the respondents gave the government performance a positive ranking. Education was scored zero in the net performance rating.

Upon the completion of one year of the national and provincial governments in office in May 2014, PILDAT conceived and commissioned a public opinion survey to gauge the public opinion across the country on the quality of governance.

The independent and non-partisan think-tank surveyed a total of 3,065 citizens from rural and urban areas from all the four provinces of the country.