Fatigue at protests: 1,400 cops treated at hospital in Islamabad

August 25, 2014 - 12:00:00 am


ISLAMABAD: Over the last few days, Polyclinic, Islamabad’s second largest government hospital after PIMS, has provided medical attention to the 1,400 policemen deployed in the city due to the PTI and PAT anti-government sit-ins. Most of them belong to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir police, according to the spokesman for Polyclinic.

He said 50 ailing cops belonged to the Islamabad police. According to the spokesman, the policemen complained about temperature, flu, sore throat, aching limbs and diarrhoea and that they fell ill for overtiredness, exposure to rains and winds, and hit and humid weather. “No one of them was in serious condition, so all of them were discharged after treatment.”

The spokesman said the hospital’s emergency department was open round the clock under the current circumstances and would remain so, while a large cache of blood bags, especially those of O negative group, and medicines were in stock. Meanwhile, a police official said the Islamabad police had organised the general medical examination of cops deployed around sit-in venue.

Govt blocks cellular service in Red Zone

ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has blocked services of cellular phones in Red Zone of the federal capital owing to security concerns related to sit-ins by PTI and PAT workers. According to PTA high-ups, all cellular companies were directed to block their services in the Red Zone of the federal capital till further orders.

The government, according to the sources, received information about possible terrorist attacks on continuous sir-ins of PTI and PAT protestors’. The service of cellular phones was mainly blocked in the specific area where the two sit-ins continued.

In the wake of security concerns, the government had taken precautionary measures to avoid any unwarranted situation in the Red Zone.


Zardari visits JI headquarters

LAHORE: Asif Ali Zardari is the second chieftain of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to have visited the Jamaat-e-Islami headquarters in the country’s tumultuous political history. Zardari, along with other party leaders, visited Mansoora on his way back from Raiwind yesterday. About 38 years ago, the then PPP chief Zulfikar Ali Bhutto visited the JI headquarters in Ichhra to meet Maulana Maudoodi and other senior leaders.

“During the 1977 movement, I remember that Bhutto Sahib visited our office in Ichhra to talk to JI’s founder Maulana Maudoodi, then emir Mian Tufail and other leaders to discuss various issues related to the Qaumi Ittehad’s movement,” JI leader Liaquat Baloch said.

He said though the PPP’s senior leaders including Begum Nusrat Bhutto also visited the JI leaders from time to time, Zardari was the second PPP leader who had visited the party headquarters.