Imran’s PTI may not ally with PML-Q in electoral reform drive

July 14, 2014 - 1:00:06 am

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will keep its distance from the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-i-Azam (PML-Q) in its campaign for electoral reform, according to senior PTI leaders.

The party leaders said that as per a new policy, the party will remain in the assemblies and focus on electoral reform and an overhaul of the election commission, allying with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in this effort. 

However, party leaders said that despite this shift in policy, the government says it will not allow the PTI to hold a rally on August 14 in Islamabad and will reportedly resort to placing senior leaders under house arrest if the party does not abide by the government’s order. The PTI says it is determined to hold the rally as planned.

While two senior party leaders lobby for an alliance with PAT and PML-Q, party chief Imran Khan has reportedly said, “I have no match with Qadri. If we go into alliance, he will not be able to stand with me onstage and will prefer to be in a secure container instead.” The party chairman has also ruled out an alliance with the Chaudhry brothers.

A senior party leader said the Chaudhry brothers wanted PTI assembly members to tender their resignations from the national and provincial assemblies, saying that the PML-Q will resign from the National and Punjab assemblies and Senate in solidarity.

However, the party feels that if it removes itself from the present system, it will be difficult to pass electoral reforms through the parliament before the next general elections, the party leader said.

The decision to tender resignations was discussed at the last core committee, he said.Internews