Three rockets land near Kabul airport

 04 Jul 2014 - 7:25

Afghan soldiers stand guard near the military airport after a rocket attack by Taliban in Kabul yesterday.

KABUL: Taliban insurgents fired rockets into Kabul international airport yesterday, setting a hanger ablaze but no casualties were reported, officials said, in an attack that underlined security fears in the Afghan capital.
The rockets landed on the military side of the airport, which includes a large North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) base as well as a separate terminal for civilian flights to cities such as Dubai, New Delhi and Istanbul.
“Three rockets have landed inside the military garrison of Kabul airport from an undisclosed location,” a statement from Kabul police said. 
“Part of the area where the rockets landed has caught fire.”
Mohammad Yaqub Rassouli, head of the airport, said that firefighters rushed to put out the blaze in a hanger containing spare parts as military flights were halted.
He said civilian planes were not affected.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in an email message claimed the responsibility for the attack on the airport, which has been targeted several times in recent years.
“There is loss of life and financial losses to the airport, and several planes were torched,” the Taliban said.
 The insurgents often exaggerate the impact of their attacks.
The strike comes a day after a Taliban suicide bomber in Kabul killed eight military officers travelling on a military bus.
The rise in violence comes as Afghanistan is struggling to resolve a political impasse sparked by allegations of massive fraud in last month’s runoff presidential election. 
The crisis has cast a shadow over what would be the country’s first democratic transfer of power. 
All Nato combat troops will leave Afghanistan by December, with about 10,000 US troops staying into next year if the new president signs a security deal with Washington.