Taliban ‘not to unite’ with outsiders battling Helmand

July 02, 2014 - 2:30:37 am
An Afghan internally displaced boy receives a box containing food for Iftar, distributed by Muslim Hands International in Kabul yesterday.

Kabul: As militants continue to battle Afghan forces for strategic areas in southern Helmand province, President Hamid Karzai has called on the Afghan Taliban not to cooperate with the outsiders who he says have come in a bid to weaken the country, according to a statement by his office on Monday.

He said the recent clashes in Helmand is part of a wide foreign conspiracy to destruct the country. Karzai added the ordinary civilians suffered most casualties and losses during the Helmand clashes and urged Taliban group not incur casualties to their countrymate and civilians.

He also said that the Afghan national security forces have always protected the lives of the Afghan civilians by conducting military operations.

Several Afghan security forces were also killed or injured during the clashes to retake the control of the areas where almost 800 Taliban militants launched an offensive. 

He asked the concerned authorities to provide immediate assistance to people affected by the battle. 

Dozens of civilians were killed or injured during clashes in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan which lasted almost a week.

The clashes broke out in Sangin district and soon spread into other districts including Kajaki, Nawzad and Mosa Qala.

Afghan government has long accused neighbouring Pakistan and its spy of providing sanctuaries for the militants who are fighting the country, a charge Pakistan denies.

Afghan National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta who has recently visited Pakistan’s security officials says he has told them unless Pakistan stops allowing sanctuaries for the militants in its soil, “Anti-terrorism campaign doesn’t make any sense.

“The Helmand battle claimed lives of over 200 civilians and displaced hundreds others.”