Afghan police kill Taliban who cut off voters’ fingers

June 18, 2014 - 2:45:13 am

HERAT: Afghan police hunted down and killed two Taliban insurgents who cut off the fingers of 11 elderly men who voted in the presidential election run-off, officials said yesterday.

All voters in Afghanistan had their fingers marked with ink after voting to prevent them from casting more than one ballot, but the ink also identified those who participated in the election in defiance of Taliban threats.

“Insurgent commander Mullah Shir Agha and one of his officers were killed in a police operation yesterday in Herat,” a statement from the interior ministry said.

“The pair were accused of having cut off the ink-dyed finger of 11 voters.”

The ministry said another insurgent involved in the attacks was injured in the operation and held by police.

Local police confirmed the operation, but said two Taliban fighters had escaped.

Jets hit militant bomb factory 

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani combat aircraft destroyed a bomb making factory in the tribal region of North Waziristan and at least 25 militants were killed in a wave of air strikes, the military said yesterday, as part of a major operation against Taliban insurgents.

Pakistani fighters jets have been bombing Taliban positions in North Waziristan since Sunday when the army announced it was sending troops and helicopter gunships to the region to flush out Al Qaeda-linked Jihadists.

“(The) operation in North Waziristan Agency is progressing as per plan,” the army said in a statement.

“The cordon around all terrorists’ hideouts including in the town of Mirali and Miranshah has been further tightened and reinforced. Last night three terrorists were killed while fleeing from the cordoned off area in Miranshah.”