Balochistan completes second phase of poll

May 31, 2014 - 3:28:35 am

QUETTA: The second phase of local bodies’ elections was completed in Balochistan yesterday amid tight security with voting held for 1,082 seats reserved for Muslim women and 73 for minorities. 

The Pakhtunkhawa Milli Awami Party and Watan Dost panel claiming to have won a majority of seats in the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation. 

The panel has won 10 Muslim and two minority women seats. The elections were held for 20 seats.

The Democratic Alliance, comprising the PML-N, the Balochistan National Party-Mengal, the Hazara Democratic Party, PTI and JUI-N, won eight seats. The announcement of results of the District Council Quetta was stopped when an extra vote was found in a ballot box.

Nine members of the council, who were elected in the first phase of elections, cast their vote for three Muslim and one minority seats, but when ballot box was opened 10 votes, instead of nine, were found.

 According to reports reaching here from various districts, different political parties and local alliances, including the PML-N, National Party, Balochistan National Party-M, JUI-F, Domki alliance and PkMAP and PML-Q, shared seats among themselves.

 Of the 2,332 seats reserved for Muslim women in 32 districts, 1,093 candidates had been elected unopposed.