Afghan police fire shots at evacuees

 07 May 2014 - 0:00

Displaced Afghan villagers gather near the site of a landslide in Argo district in Badakhshan yesterday.

AAB BAREEK: Afghan police fired gunshots into the air yesterday to disperse villagers who fought police and aid workers distributing emergency supplies near the remote site of a deadly landslide, witnesses said.
Aid agencies have rushed tonnes of supplies to more than 4,000 displaced by the landslide in Aab Bareek, a village in the Argo district of Badakhshan in the northeast of the country, that was partially destroyed when the side of mountain collapsed on Friday.
Tensions have been running high in the area, as victims say emergency supplies are not arriving fast enough. Compounding the situation, residents of neighbouring poor villages have walked to the refugee centre in a bid to get food and other rations.
Dozens of people tried to board an aid truck yesterday, and then attacked two police officers who attempted to restore calm, a witness said.
A further eight police joined their colleagues, beating them the villagers back with the butts of their rifles.