59.3pc Pakistan mothers found uneducated

March 29, 2014 - 7:25:26 am

ISLAMABAD: Female literacy in Pakistan has been a challenge for many decades and the proportion of illiterate mothers is 59.3 percent in the country, said the latest National Nutrition Survey.

The survey, issued by Planning and Development Division of Planning Commission of Pakistan, said the proportion was almost double in rural areas than urban areas. Some “36.6 percent urban and 69.4 percent rural mothers are illiterate”.

Likewsie, 45.7 percent of the household heads are illiterate, while the proportion of illiterate heads of household is the lowest in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which is only 27.3 percent, and the highest in Balochistan with 58.2 percent.

Only 10.5 percent of mothers have completed their 10 years of schooling, the survey said and added that 9 percent have managed to complete their studies beyond grade 10.

Data from the survey further revealed that about 10.9 percent of mothers from rural areas received education till 9th grade and above while in urban areas 38.8 percent achieved the same.

In Pakistan, gender discrimination in education occurs amongst the poorest households but is nonexistent amongst rich households. Only 18 percent of Pakistani women have received 10 years or more of schooling.