Treason trial may involve Musharraf’s co-conspirators

 17 Mar 2014 - 4:52


Supporters of Pervez Musharraf gather at a protest in Karachi yesterday. A special tribunal hearing a landmark treason case against Musharraf ordered him to appear in person on March 31 or face arrest.

ISLAMABAD: The recent application, filed by former Pakistani military ruler retired General Pervez Musharraf in the special court trying him for treason, points fingers at the alleged co-conspirators behind the November 3, 2007 actions under which he imposed a controversial state of emergency in the country.
If accepted, this application would implicate a number of high profile civilians and armed personnel in the treason trial.
The application Gen Musharraf recently filed in the special court, which has been established to try the former dictator for high treason, demands that the civilian leadership and the military authorities that allegedly abetted in the imposition of the November 3, 2007 emergency should also be tried along with him.
According to the proclamation issued for the November 3 emergency, Musharraf imposed the emergency after consulting the then prime minister, the governors of all four provinces and the chairman of joint chiefs of staff committee, the chiefs of the armed forces, the vice-chief of army staff and the corps commanders of the Pakistan Army.