​Rebels declare ceasefire to revive talks

March 02, 2014 - 6:35:19 am

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani Taliban spokesman announced a one-month ceasefire yesterday aimed at reviving failed peace talks with the government.

“The senior leadership of the Taliban advises all subgroups to respect the Taliban’s call for a ceasefire and abide by it and completely refrain from all jihadi activities in this time period,” the statement said.

The unilateral ceasefire comes after attempts to hold peace talks between the militants and government collapsed. 

In recent weeks the Pakistan air force has bombed militant targets in the northwest, and there is speculation that the army will launch an offensive in North Waziristan, a tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s nuke sites are safe

ISLAMABAD: As the international community keeps on raising questions about the security and safety of Islamabad’s nukes installations, Pakistan has placed a five to seven ring safety net, supervised by the Strategic Planning Division (SPD), having the capability to defend the nuclear assets from all kind of possible attacks.

“The security of nuclear installations is managed by a special division working under SPD, having safety rings of five to seven layers and is capable of defending the country’s nuclear assets from all kind of unwarranted attacks,?” officials said in background discussions.

At a time when people of Pakistan are being reminded by outsiders about their nuclear assets the safety of nukes instalment is important for the whole nation. 

On other hand, the western world always expresses its apprehensions about terrorists getting control of nuclear assets.

Tax amnesty order extended

ISLAMABAD: The amnesty package announced by the government of Pakistan on Jan 1 to bring more citizens to the tax net has been extended until April 30.

The package had expired on February 28, and was meant for those who neither had a valid national tax number (NTN), nor had filed their returns by November 28, 2013.

There has been a lukewarm response from the people towards availing the scheme.

An FBR spokesman said that the board had started publicity campaign for making the scheme a success.

An FBR spokesman said that the board had started publicity campaign for making the scheme a success.

As per the scheme, people who have NTNs, but did not file returns during the last five years can now submit returns until April 30.

The new filers will be exempted from any penalty, additional tax and audit.