Pakistan Railways wants small drones to monitor tracks

February 27, 2014 - 5:23:31 am
ISLAMABAD: In the face of high prices of drones at the international level, Pakistan Railways has now contacted three government institutions for purchase of these small surveillance planes to monitor railways tracks round the clock countrywide, official sources here say.

“The authorities first approached international firms for purchase of small drones and Google Earth for satellite monitoring of the railway tracks but both these options are not viable at the moment due to high expenditures,” Pakistan official said.

“So Railways has now approached local institutions for manufacture of drones that are expected to be available at affordable prices,” the official added. 

The sources said the high officials of Railways had prepared a list of requirements related to drones and forwarded it to the local institutions to get their viewpoint including Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, Heavy Mechanical Complex and Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.

 They said accuracy in different weather conditions, detection of tracks and immediate transfer of information were the basic requirements that locally manufactured drones must carry out while monitoring the railways tracks.

 The sources said though nothing had been finalised yet, it was expected that the total cost of the project would be Rs200m as the drone that has a range of 3km would have a price of Rs0.3m while the drone having a range of 30km would cost Rs2.5m.