Flu, allergy on the rise in Islamabad

February 03, 2014 - 10:30:09 am


ISLAMABAD: Residents of the capital Islamabad need a fresh spell of rain to get rid of seasonal flu and allergy caused by the persistent dry spell.

For the last three months the outpatient departments of public hospitals have been flooded with patients suffering from viral infections, common cold and asthma.

According to data, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Pims) is receiving an average of 100 and the Polyclinic Hospital over 150 patients every 24 hours.

Polyclinic Hospital spokesperson Dr Tanveer Malik said that since last September there had been an increase in the number of patients from 90 to over 150 a day.

He believes the constant dry spell is one of the major reasons behind this increase. Dr Malik advised people to take preventive measures while going out during early hours in the morning, and after sunset.