US doctor under fire for trying to help Musharraf

January 19, 2014 - 7:06:46 am
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani-American cardiologist from Texas who wrote the medical note that may change former president Pervez Musharraf’s fate is facing hard questions in his own constituency and beyond about connections with the former military dictator.

“The entire world has called me today,” Dr Arjumand ‘AJ’ Hashmi told his local Texas newspaper. But he is resilient in his denial that he is helping the former strongman avoid facing high treason charges in Pakistan by issuing a ‘made-to-rescue’ medical note from the Paris Regional Medical Centre in Paris, Texas.

The note, presented by Musharraf’s lawyers earlier this week to the Special Court that has been constituted to try him for the November 3, 2007 ‘emergency’, suggested that the former president’s heart condition is ‘alarming’ enough for him to be admitted to the Texan facility.

Translated: the note demands that Musharraf should be allowed to leave the country, otherwise he might get a heart attack.

Hashmi insists that he wrote the medical note on Musharraf’ health at the request of Musharraf’s family, and says his opinion was based on medical data processed by Musharraf’s hospital, the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, as well as his own reports.

“Yes, [former] president Musharraf and I are friends. But I would never do anything wrong for a friend,” Dr Hashmi said. “Also, I’m an American politician, and my politics are American, and they do not intersect with the [former] president’s politics in Pakistan.”