Govt plans to disarm militias in Balochistan

December 31, 2013 - 6:56:55 am
ISLAMABAD: Following a meeting in Islamabad, the government has resolved to disarm all armed groups in Balochistan, as part of a “smart and effective security policy” outlined by Balochistan’s Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik and Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan.

The policy was devised as a counter-measure to the previous government’s move to allow groups to arm themselves as a form of protection against militants.

Balochistan Home Secretary Asad Gilani explained that political and separatist groups ‘have been told to either prepare for political dialogue or face a response’. The inability to carry weapons, according to Gilani, would help ‘establish peace in the troubled province’.

Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo said the interior minister and chief minister had agreed that those who were allowed to carry arms to fight against militants will be asked to surrender these weapons. The two-fold strategy includes a dialogue process with selected separatist armed groups and action against other separatist groups who have been involved in sectarian and ethnic killings in the province.


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