Pakistan launches first climate change policy

February 28, 2013 - 9:13:51 am

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan might be in a position to boast its very first national climate change policy but the road to effective implementation is long and arduous.

The policy, which has been launched by the Ministry of Climate Change in Islamabad, provides a framework for coping with the threats of global warming through adaptation and mitigation measures. 

The policy focuses on the development sectors such as water resources, agriculture and livestock, forestry, human health, disaster preparedness, transport and energy.

Measures include flood forecasting warning systems, local rainwater harvesting, developing new varieties of resilient crops, health impact assessment of changing weather patterns, promotion of renewable energy sources and efficient mass transport systems.

Now that the policy has been launched, the relevant ministries and departments as well as provincial and local governments will come up with their strategies and plans to get to work.

And implementation is the biggest challenge the policy faces.

Mujtaba Hussain, Deputy Secretary at the ministry, said policy implementation committees will be formed at the federal and provincial levels. There are a variety of financing options available for projects under the climate change policy such as the international Green Climate Fund which aims to raise $100bn for environmental projects worldwide by 2020. 

A National Climate Change Fund will also be formed.


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