Pakistan ranked 31st among black markets

February 21, 2013 - 6:55:59 am

KARACHI: Pakistan stands 31st out of 91 countries in the world with more than $6bn black market value, according to Havocscope. The website listed the countries ‘by their estimated black market crime value’.

According to the website, Havocscope Black Market Value is the estimated value of the global black market. This figure is determined by combining the total value of 52 black market products and activities with the total value of the black market activity in 91 countries.

World crime statistics and values are gathered from law enforcement and security agencies, international organisations, industry lawyers and representatives, and news articles.

The website stated that Pakistan black market’s estimated value is $6.12bn per year with cocaine price in Pakistan at $118.7 per gram; heroin price $3.0 per gram; price paid to human smugglers $22,000; and human traffickers’ price is $342. Similarly, book piracy in Pakistan is estimated at $55m; counterfeiting $358m; cigarette smuggling $116m; drug trafficking $4.8bn; and gas and oil smuggling is estimated at $66m. Havocscope further stated that heroin trafficking in Pakistan is hovering around $1.2bn; illegal logging $782m; music piracy $25m; and software piracy stands at $278m.

It is worth adding that Pakistan has bad record against Iraq despite the fact that Iraq is broken by external and internal wars for the last decade. It is worrisome that even Iraq has better security situation than Pakistan regarding black market.

On the other hand, India stands 18th out of 91 countries in the world with the black market estimated value of $16.84bn, more than double as compared to Pakistan.

Yet, India is better in many areas than Pakistan considering mentioned security risks. The drug trafficking figures of Pakistan are quite alarming as they are much higher against Indian figures. To the horror of the government, Pakistan has more than double drug trafficking rates from India despite much low population figures.

Meanwhile, India’s estimated value in prostitution is $8.4 billion while the website did not show any figures regarding this sector in Pakistan. It doesn’t mean that prostitution is not practiced in Pakistan, but the fact is that prostitution is included in un-reported crimes in Pakistan due to which international monitoring institutions face problems in collecting data.

The credibility of these statistics is not questionable because Havocscope’s website collects data from credible public sources including newspapers, government reports, and academic journals. Every single data point is listed with its original source.