Peshawar to suffer harsher and longer winter this year

January 25, 2013 - 12:00:00 am

PESHAWAR: Pakistan’s northwest Peshawar city and its surrounding areas are likely to have a longer and harsher winter this year as a result the next summer is expected to set in later than usual, according to experts.

The average night time temperature recorded during the first 21 days of the current month reflected a drop by about 2 degree centigrade as compared to normal, showing a major shift in the weather pattern this winter.

“We are likely to have three to five cold spells this year in an escape from a normal year when Peshawar usually experiences two to three cold spells,” said Syed Mushtaq Ali Shah, Regional Director, Pakistan Meteorological Department, Peshawar.

Peshawar recorded an average night time temperature of 2.13 degree Celsius this January as per the data compiled during the first three weeks of the current month.

This reflects a substantial decline when compared with the city’s normal average minimum temperature of 4.1 degrees Celsius. 

The average normal temperature has been arrived at by assessing a dataset spanning over a 35 year period, according to a Met official.

The director said that winter in Peshawar was expected to last till the end of March this year, stretching by over a month than its usual end date. In a normal year, Peshawar’s winter recedes by mid February, according to Shah.

He, however, said the shift in weather pattern this year was not an extraordinary phenomenon to a larger extent. It had resulted because of global climatic conditions and cyclic changes in Atlantic, Pacific and South Pacific oceans, and Arabian Sea, he added.