Graft charges against former ministers of Balochistan

January 22, 2013 - 3:58:38 am
ISLAMABAD: With their powers taken away overnight due to governor’s rule, some former ministers of Balochistan province have been left out in the cold at the mercy of anti-corruption officials.
Five former ministers of Balochistan will face corruption charges, an official of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said.
The watchdog is sniffing through financial records of the ministers, the official added.
“Investigations are underway and soon they will be arrested,” he added.
NAB has seized records of six more former ministers, including Asfandyar Kakar, Ali Madad Jatak, Babu Amin Umarani, Haji Nawaz Kakar, Tahir Mehmood Khan and Engineer Zamrak Achakzai.
All of them are facing charges of embezzlement and misuse of power in recruitment for government jobs.
So far, investigations are underway against 11 former ministers and they could be arrested if the authorities find incriminating evidence.
The official said that the provincial office had contacted NAB head office, seeking permission to arrest the ministers for alleged corruption and misuse of power.