Pakistani YouTube star gets visa to perform in France

January 05, 2013 - 1:22:35 am

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan national Muhammad Shahid Nazir has been given French visa within a day after applying for it to appear in one of the most popular shows of the European country.

Speaking to local media, the singer who rose to worldwide fame with his catchy ditty One Pound Fish on YouTube said he will be appearing in the Le Grand Journal show. It is believed that Pakistani renegade singer’s music label Warner Music supported former fish-seller from east London’s Queen’s Market.

Nazir left the UK in the end of December amid speculations that he was being booted out of the country by the UK immigration authorities for overstaying in the country.

Several columns have been written on this aspect, including many leading commentators questioning why the government was quick in booting out a singer, who brought smiles and joy to millions of people near Christmas 2012, while convicted terror radicals such as Jordanian Abu Qatada and others continued to enjoy Britain’s hospitality.

Nazir said: “I am going to appear in France’s biggest show. It’s anyone’s dream to appear in this show but I believe it’s Allah’s special blessing that I have been given visa without any hesitation. France has shown respect to my country and I am thankful to the French authorities for being kind towards me and allowing me a chance to meet my French fans.” The singer will leave for France on Monday and will stay there for a week. Upon his return to Pakistan, the singer will apply for British visa and hopes that Britain will issue him visa quickly.

Since his return to Pakistan in the end of December, Britain’s main television channels BBC, Channel 4 News and Sky News have run packages on the singer, focusing on the hero’s reception he received from his fans and friends in Pakistan.