Anti-smoking campaign launched in Islamabad

January 01, 2013 - 4:00:28 am

ISLAMABAD: The district administration of Pakistan’s federal capital of Islamabad is to reinforce its campaign to discourage smoking, starting January 1, 2013. The local administration plans to put up banners and posters across the city.

“One of the best ways is to put up warning signs and posters, especially at sale points, warning against selling of cigarettes to teenagers, under the age of 18,” said Deputy Commissioner ICT Amir Ali Ahmed, explaining that warning signs would send a certain message and serve as a deterrent for youngsters.

Some of the obvious but gradual effects of the new campaign would be to ensure that all brands carried picture warnings/messages on cigarette packs. Encouraging big stores and especially road side kiosks to put up posters to discourage underage smoking, he said. “The ICT teams have held meetings with unions in markets on the subject and asked them to cooperate in this regard,” said Amir Ali Ahmed.

The Deputy Commissioner, who also heads the Tobacco Cell of the Cabinet Division, intends to use awareness and motivation as a tool to discourage smoking.