US assures faster flow of funds to Islamabad

December 05, 2012 - 7:10:44 am

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador Robin Raphel, Senior Adviser to the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, yesterday hoped that the disbursements under Kerry Lugar Law (KLL) would pick up pace as the stage was set to kick-off faster development work.

“We hope that the process of disbursements will get pace,” was her brief reply yesterday evening about the pace of disbursements in the aftermath of recently concluded economic and finance working group meeting held in Washington DC from November 29 and 30.

She said that it took time to reach a stage in development work where money could be poured on an accelerated pace to achieve the desired results. 

That stage has come and it is hoped that the disbursements will be accelerated in months ahead, she maintained.

Disbursements under KLL have remained dismally slow through government channels in the aftermath of Abbottabad operation and especially after Silala incident. 

Now after normalising economic and strategic relations, Islamabad expects that the money promised by US in shape of KLL would be disbursed in a speedy manner.

Ambassador Raphel participated in a media roundtable to discuss challenges being faced by women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

To another query about consolidation of US funded projects, she said USAID was funding 30 plus projects in Pakistan for various important sectors of the national economy including economic growth, governance, health, education and some others.

Recognising that Pakistan’s stability and future prosperity depend on a robust economy in which women play a key role, the State Department and American University have joined this initiative. Ambassador Raphel said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had agreed to remain on the Advisory Board of Women Council even after relinquishing her charge as Secretary of State as this objective was quite close to her heart.               Internews