Peshawar forms team to monitor private schools

December 02, 2012 - 2:05:37 am


PESHAWAR: The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan’s north-western metropolitan of Peshawar yesterday formed separate teams to ensure the grant of fee concession to brothers and sisters studying at the same private school in the provincial capital.

“The private schools not implementing the government’s decision and the directives of the Peshawar High Court about fee concession will be de-affiliated,” PBISE Chairman Professor Mohammad Shafi said.

According to the July 30, 2007 notification of the Elementary and Secondary Education Deportment, when two or more real brothers and sisters attend the same school or different schools in the province, only the brother or sister in the higher class of a school should be required to pay full fee.

“The fee payable by other brothers and sisters should not exceed half of the ordinary rates.” Professor Shafi said the teams comprising the PBISE officers would visit private schools in the city to ask students about fee concession.

As such, there exists no authority to regulate private educational institutions in the city as such. However, PBISE acts as the regulator.

The PBISE chairman said that 650 complaints were reported to the board in the year and all had been addressed.

He said he had called a meeting of the owners of the city’s private schools over the said fee concession on next Tuesday.


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