Violence shoots up in Pakistan

November 29, 2012 - 1:28:36 am

ISLAMABAD: There has been a 37 percent increase in violence recorded in the second quarter of the year compared to the January-March quarter.

A report released by the Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) details the number of incidents and the sharp rise. A total of 2,658 people were affected by political violence in the country, out of which 1,004 people died between April and June, 2012.

Based on news stories of incidents around the country, the report recorded politically-motivated electoral violence in the pre-election period.

Sindh was the most politically volatile province, with 280 incidents of violence recorded in three months, almost 40 percent of the total number of incidents in the country. Violence in Karachi alone accounted for 268 incidents, a 114 percent increase.

An estimated 717 people died in collateral damage, which increased by 170 percent.