250,000 child deaths in Pakistan every year

November 28, 2012 - 12:55:46 am


ISLAMABAD: The quality of drinking water in Pakistan being supplied to the people is yet to meet international standards due to which waterborne diseases are on the rise in most parts of the country.

An estimated 250,000 child deaths occur each year in Pakistan due to waterborne diseases. Apart from the human losses, these diseases are responsible for substantial economic losses.

According to a report major industrial contributors to water pollution in Pakistan are the petrochemicals, paper and pulp, food processing, tanneries, refineries, textile and sugar industries. Only a marginal number of industries conduct environmental assessments.

The sugarcane-based industry, the second largest in the country, is a major cause of industrial water pollution. The problem of industrial water pollution has remained uncontrolled because there have been little or no incentives for industry to treat their effluents.

The experts opined that with this situation in mind, water and sanitation providers being mainly public sector organisations, there is a great constraint in providing the quality of service expected.