Poverty in Pakistan on the rise: Study

November 14, 2012 - 6:45:01 am

KARACHI: An estimated 37 percent of the population in Pakistan was in a state of poverty during the year 2010-11, according to a study conducted at the Social Policy and Development Centre, Karachi.

Consistent with the earlier SPDC poverty estimates, this research also follows the 2,550 and 2,230 calories per day per adult as calorie norms (minimum requirement) for rural and urban areas, respectively.

The Calorie Consumption Functions (CCFs) are estimated separately for urban and rural areas. It is argued that consumption behaviour, purchasing patterns, dietary habits, taste and ecology are significantly different for urban and rural groups.

Again to make the poverty numbers comparable with earlier SPDC poverty research, these functions are estimated from the lowest quartile of distribution after ranking households with respect to per capita expenditure. Household per adult daily calorie consumption is regressed on household expenditure.

Rupees 2,248 and 1,854 per capita per month were required during the year 2010-11 to purchase minimum calories for urban and rural areas respectively. A population weighted average national poverty line, however, turns out as Rs 1,984 at the prices of HIES 2010-11.                 Internews