Saudi arrests 88 for terror attack plots

 03 Sep 2014 - 2:32


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has detained 88 people, more than half of them Saudis, on suspicion of plotting “terrorist” attacks at home and abroad, the interior ministry said yesterday.
A ministry statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency said the ministry had been following a number of suspects in view of what it called the spread of “strife and sick ideas” that lured members of the community to “places of strife”.
Some of the suspects had links to the Islamic State group operating in Syria and Iraq, to the Nusra Front group in Syria or to the Al Qaeda branch in Yemen, Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour Turki said after a news conference.
“They showed their support to the organisations in Syria and Iraq and also in Yemen, and they wanted to get involved in their activities.