Iran could walk away from nuclear talks

 13 Jul 2014 - 5:36

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors seal after disconnecting the connections between the twin cascades for 20% uranium production at Iran's Natanz nuclear power plant on January, 20, 2014

VIENNA: Iran’s chief negotiator in nuclear talks in Vienna warned yestrerrday that Tehran is ready to walk away if “excessive” Western demands cause a failure, eight days before a deadline for a deal.
Abbas Araqchi said, however, that he hoped that the attendance from today of foreign ministers including US Secretary of State John Kerry would help overcome “deep differences” that remain.
“If we see that the excessive demands (of Western powers) persisting and that a deal is impossible, this is not a drama, we will continue with our nuclear programme,” Araqchi said.
“The presence of ministers will have a positive influence,” he told Iran state television from the Austrian capital. “There are questions that ministers need to take decisions on.”
Iran’s talks with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany are aimed at a grand bargain reducing in scope Iran’s nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief.
Such a deal is meant to quash for good concerns about the Islamic republic getting the bomb after more than a decade of failed diplomacy, threats of war and atomic expansion by Iran.