Six held for murder of Palestinian teenager

 07 Jul 2014 - 6:22


JERUSALEM: Israel has arrested six Jewish suspects in the abduction and killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death sparked violent protests in Jerusalem and Israeli Arab towns, a security source said yesterday.
With tensions high along the Gaza border, Israel said its aircraft attacked 10 sites in the Palestinian enclave in response to persistent rocket strikes on Israeli towns. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signalled that broader Israeli action was not imminent.
The burning-alive of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair, and the earlier murders of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, have driven relations between Palestinians and Israelis to theirlowest point since US-backed peace talks broke down in April.
The security source gave no details about the suspects arrested in the investigation into the abduction and killing of Abu Khudair, other than to say they were Jewish and that police saw “nationalist motives” in the case.
A police spokesman said a gag order had been imposed on most details of the case, commenting only that police had “arrested a number of Jewish suspects who carried out the killing.” Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said the suspects were being questioned at one of its installations. Abu Khudair’s burnt body was discovered in a Jerusalem forest on Wednesday. AFP