Cop hurt in Bahrain bomb blast

 05 Jul 2014 - 6:41

Demonstrators take part in clashes with police during a protest over the death of Abdulaziz Al Abbar, yesterday in the village of Sanabis, west of Manama. Al Abbar, 27, died from wounds on February 23, after being shot during clashes.

MANAMA: A bomb blast wounded a policeman in Bahrain last night in what the Interior Ministry said was a terrorist act,  he latest in attacks on security forces in the US-allied kingdom.
Violence has been on the rise in the strategically located Gulf Arab country, which hosts the US Fifth Fleet, more than three years after authorities quelled Shia-led protests for reforms and a bigger role in the government.
The ministry said in a brief message posted on its Twitter account that the policeman was on duty when the explosion occurred in the village of East Eker, south of capital Manama.
There were no immediate claim of responsibility, but authorities have previously blamed small Shia groups for carrying out such attacks and accused them of having links to Iran. 
Tehran denies the accusations.
One of the deadliest attacks in recent months was in March, when three policemen were killed by a remotely detonated home-made bomb. 
A car bomb on April 19 killed two men and wounded another in a mainly Shia village. Since then, several explosions have wounded at least four policemen in Shia villages around Manama. 
Violence has raised fears that Shia youth are becoming more militant as political reconciliation talks stall.
Bahraini Shias, who make up the majority of the population, complain of political and economic marginalisation, an accusation the government denies.