Isis killing video stokes sectarian fury in Iraq

 16 Jun 2014 - 4:40


Baghdad: The abduction of 2,000 soldiers by the extremist group Isis and the killing of 30 over the weekend has exploded tensions between Iraq’s Sunni and Shia sects.
Photographs and videos released by the Sunni militant group, linked to Al Qaeda, show some of the prisoners being killed, apparently in the desert near Tikrit, where they were seized on Tuesday. Some were lying face down with their hands tied. A separate group were forced to sit up while they were taunted by their captors, one of whom spoke Arabic with an accent common to Tunisia or Algeria.
The images have stirred outrage in Baghdad — where the Shia militant group Asaib Ahl 
Al Haq has made forays into Sunni areas — and prompted reprisals. Two residents of the largely Sunni west Baghdad neighbourhood of Ghazaliyah say nine locals were abducted by the group on Saturday. Another two were reportedly killed.
“They let 1,500 go on the first day,” said Khaled Al Jabouri, a tribal leader from Tikrit. 
The Guardian