Hundreds of migrants arrive in Sudan

May 04, 2014 - 6:51:35 am

DONGOLA, Sudan: Hundreds of exhausted illegal migrants reached the safety of a northern Sudanese town yesterday after 10 people died when human traffickers abandoned them in the desert.

A convoy of trucks escorted by armed security forces delivered the migrants to Dongola after a journey of hundreds of kilometres (miles) following their rescue on the Sudanese-Libyan frontier by troops from both countries.

Sudanese officials announced the rescue on Wednesday, saying traffickers had dumped their victims in the border region’s scorching desert, where 10 died.

Troops initially found about 300 hungry and thirsty victims, but they later came across even more. “The total number rescued is 600, first 309, and then they found another 300,” Abdul Latif Abdullah, the Sudanese Armed Forces commander in Dongola, said.Afp