Militants seize Yemen hospitals

April 25, 2014 - 9:32:01 am
Protesters shout slogans during a rally demanding an end to US drone attacks in Yemen, in Sana’a yesterday. Yemen claims that recent air strikes on Al Qaeda camps in south Yemen have killed at least 70 suspected Al Qaeda militants.

ADEN: Al Qaeda militants have seized hospitals in southern Yemen to treat wounded comrades following air strikes that killed scores of gunmen in two days, medics said yesterday.

An intensive aerial campaign by US drones and Yemeni jet fighters on Al Qaeda bases in the rugged mountains of nearby Abyan province killed some 70 militants over the weekend.

On Sunday, militants stormed the hospital of Azzan, in Shabwa province, as well as two smaller medical centres in nearby districts, the sources said.

They counted experienced doctors among their number, who tended the wounded.

“They forced us out of the centres along with other members of staff and brought in their wounded,” a doctor at a medical centre in the town of Al Saeed said.

After the raids, militants arrived with casualties in pick-up trucks, accompanied by “several doctors, including Arabs and foreigners,” he said.


Foreigner kills would-be kidnappers

SANA’A: A foreigner living in Yemen shot dead two gunmen who tried to abduct him yesterday, the defence ministry website said.

“Two armed men tried to kidnap a foreign citizen as he was leaving a barber in Hadda Street in Sanaa,” the ministry’s site said of the incident. “But he was able to resist and shot them with a revolver he had in his possession,” the website said. It added that accomplices of the gunmen in a car with no number plates fled.

Security sources said the man was a Russian expert working in the oil sector, and that his attackers were Yemenis from the Marib region east of Sana’a.

Witnesses gave a different version of events, saying the foreigner had two guards who gunned down the armed men.