Attacks kill 13 in Iraq ahead of vote

 25 Apr 2014 - 9:29

Iraqi security forces arrest suspected militants of Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant during a raid and weapons search operation in Hawija yesterday. The operation also led to the seizure of weapons and ammunition.

HILLA: Violence focused mainly on security checkpoints killed 13 people in Iraq yesterday, as the country struggles with daily unrest ahead of next week’s parliamentary 
A car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint near the city of Hilla, south of Baghdad, killing eight people, among them three police, and wounding 20, an officer and a doctor said.
And four soldiers were shot dead in an attack on a checkpoint south of the northern city of Mosul, while a man was killed in a shooting in the city.
Security forces were able to keep violence to a minimum during provincial elections last year, but they have failed to halt a subsequent year-long surge in unrest. The heightened violence has been principally driven by widespread anger among the Sunni Arab minority, who say they are mistreated by the Shia-led government and security forces.