Bombs kill 26 people in Iraq

March 07, 2014 - 4:55:54 am


BAGHDAD: At least 26 people were killed in Iraq yesterday as insurgents set off roadside bombs and detonated explosives-packed cars in Baghdad and elsewhere, police said.

Armed groups set off multiple bombs by timer or remote control almost daily in the Iraqi capital.

In less than 30 minutes, three parked car bombs exploded in Baghdad last night targeting Shia neighbourhoods. A car bomb in the western Shia district of Al Ammal killed four people and wounded 12 on a busy commercial street, police said.

In Karrada, a well-to-do Shia area, a car exploded killing two people and wounding 16, police said. A third parked car blew up in front of the Bab Al Shargi market in central Baghdad, killing two and wounding 10.

A roadside bomb exploded in the Shia working-class district of Sadr City, killing five and wounding 12.

After the attacks, security forces shut two main bridges between eastern and western Baghdad that are close to the Green Zone, home of the Iraqi government and some foreign embassies.

Later, a roadside bomb killed a policeman and wounded eight on Palestine street, a Shia area in eastern Baghdad.

All five attacks hit neighbourhoods that have been battered relentlessly in recent months as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and other militants look to provoke Iraq’s Shia majority and discredit the government.

Earlier yesterday, a bomb killed four people in a cafe in a Shia district of Kanaan, a town in eastern Diyala province, police said. Two bombs also exploded outside Shia homes in Baquba, Diyala’s capital, killing one person and wounding three.

South of Baghdad, around the predominantly Shia city of Hilla, three car bombs killed three people and wounded six.

A parked car bomb in Mashaada, a Sunni suburb of northern Baghdad, killed four people. ISIL and other militants often attack Sunnis seen as linked to the Shia-led government.

Twenty-two people were killed on Wednesday, most of them in bombings that targeted Karrada and Sadr City in Baghdad.