​Israeli army claims hitting two Hezbollah fighters

March 06, 2014 - 5:06:13 am

JERUSALEM: Israel’s army said yesterday it struck two members of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as they tried to plant a bomb near the Israeli-Syrian border.

“Earlier today, two Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists were identified attempting to plant an explosive device near the Israel-Syria border in the northern Golan Heights. IDF (Israeli army) forces... fired towards the suspects (and) hits were identified,” the army said in a statement.

The army did not specify what weapons were used to fire at the suspected Hezbollah members.

But Syria said Israel had fired four rockets from the occupied Golan Heights on Wednesday morning, accusing it of “violating” the ceasefire between the two states.

“The Zionist enemy this morning violated the disengagement accord by firing four rockets from the occupied Golan towards a school and a mosque in Al Hamidiyeh,” a Syrian army statement said. “It then fired four tank shells... and opened fire with their machine guns against (Syrian positions), wounding seven members of the internal security forces and four civilians,” the statement added.