Pro-Mursi activists get life in prison

December 10, 2013 - 6:20:43 am
CAIRO: An Egyptian court sentenced three supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi to life imprisonment, judicial sources said yesterday, in the latest tough ruling against opponents of the army-backed interim government.

The court in Qalyubia province near Cairo sent the three men to jail for 25 years for attacking security forces, terrorising citizens, possessing firearms and damaging public and private property during a pro-Mursi protest.

The sentence came days after a court decided to release fourteen Islamist women jailed for 11 years after they demonstrated in support of Mursi, slashing their sentences in a case that had outraged opposition groups and human rights campaigners.

Security forces dispersed camps set up by protesters demanding Mursi’s reinstatement on August 14, killing hundreds. Most of the Brotherhood’s leadership has been arrested since the army overthrew Mursi in July following mass protests against his rule.

Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood was banned by a Cairo court in September. Mursi is himself standing trial on charges of inciting the killing of protesters during violence outside the presidential palace a year ago.

Police fired tear gas in clashes with Islamist students of Cairo’s Al Azhar University during a demonstration backing ousted president Mohamed Mursi, officials said.

Violence in and around the university’s dormitory erupted when a few hundred students began protesting and poured onto nearby streets, security officials said. Four civilian and two police cars were set ablaze by protesters, who also threw rocks at police, security officials said.

A security official said students cut off the main road in front of the university and disrupted traffic, after which the police intervened.Agencies
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