Bahrain jails 16 Shias over attack

December 03, 2013 - 7:38:02 am

DUBAI: A Bahraini court yesterday sentenced 16 Shias convicted of attacking a police patrol with Molotov cocktails to seven years in prison each, a judicial source said. They were also found guilty of blocking roads by setting tyres on fire in May last year and for taking part in an unauthorised protest during which a police vehicle was attacked, although no one was hurt.

Shia activist denied early release

DUBAI: A Bahraini court refused yesterday to free prominent Shia activist Nabeel Rajab saying he was not eligible for early release from jail where he is serving a two-year sentence, a judicial source said. Rajab was arrested in the wake of the crackdown on a month of Shia-led protests in 2011 demanding political reforms and jailed for taking part in “unauthorised” protests.

His sentence was later reduced on appeal to two years from an initial three.AFP
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