Fears for health of 30 jailed Oman hunger strikers

February 21, 2013 - 6:31:03 am
MUSCAT: A member of Oman’s consultative council voiced concern yesterday for the health of 30 jailed activists who have been on hunger strike for the past 12 days, as activists said some of them were in hospital. “We are concerned, as are their families, about the deterioration of the health conditions of the detainees after 12 days on hunger strike,” said Malek Al Abri, a member of Oman’s elected Majlis Al Shura (consultative council).

The council “is in contact, at all levels” with the government to allow a delegation to visit Samayl central prison, 60km south of Muscat, to “inquire about the situation of the hunger strikers”, Abri said. 

The hunger strike was first launched by 17 cyber activists. They were later joined by 13 other prisoners protesting their conditions of detentions, according to activists. Their appeals will be considered by the Supreme Court on February 25 and a final decision will be made on March 4. AFP

Syrian footballer killed in mortar strike

DAMASCUS: A Syrian footballer was killed and four others wounded yesterday when two mortars smashed into a stadium in central Damascus, a sports official told AFP. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, named the dead footballer as Yussef Sleiman, aged 23. 

Bomb blast sets on fire Iraq fuel pipeline

BAGHDAD: A bomb set fire to a pipeline carrying fuel oil from Iraq’s largest refinery to a province north of Baghdad yesterday, the second attack in less than a week on the same pipeline, the oil ministry said.

World powers to make Iran ‘new offer’

LONDON: World powers will make Iran an offer with “significant new elements” in a bid to resolve the dispute over its nuclear programme at talks next week in Kazakhstan, a western diplomat said yesterday. The next round of talks with Iran under the ‘5+1’ format will be held on February 26 in Almaty after a long gap.