Thousands of Egyptians take to streets against president

February 09, 2013 - 6:27:04 am

CAIRO: Thousands took to the streets across Egypt after opposition groups called for “Friday of dignity” rallies demanding President Mohammed Mursi fulfil the goals of the revolt that brought him to power.

Banging on drums, waving flags and clapping in unison, demonstrators marched from several locations in the capital to Tahrir Square and the presidential palace.

“The people want the downfall of the regime,” the protesters chanted while others slammed interior ministry officials as “thugs”.

In Tahrir, several thousand protesters carried aloft a huge Egyptian flag as they listened to speeches and music from the stage.

Several hundred protesters also gathered outside the presidential palace chanting “Freedom, where are you? Brotherhood rule stands between us,” in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood movement from which Mursi hails.

The protests come after several incidents of police violence last week that caused public outrage and sparked angry demonstrations.

Protests against the president also took place after the Friday prayers in several of Egypt’s 27 provinces.

In the Nile Delta city of Kafr El Sheikh, police fired tear gas to disperse a crowd outside a government building, as protesters hurled stones at the security forces, the official Mena news agency reported.