Kuwait parties to press scrapping of new parliament

December 03, 2012 - 5:47:24 am

KUWAIT CITY: The opposition vowed yesterday to press on with protests until a newly elected parliament is abolished and a disputed law scrapped, a day after Kuwait’s Shia minority emerged as main victors of a largely-boycotted vote.

“We will continue with our national and peaceful protests under the umbrella of the constitution to bring the downfall of the new parliament,” Islamist opposition leader and former MP Faisal Al Muslim said. “We will use all peaceful and constitutional tools, including demonstrations and gatherings,” said Muslim.

The opposition has no representative in the 50-seat parliament after it opted to boycott Saturday’s polls to protest the government’s unilateral amendment of Kuwait’s key electoral law. Under the previous law, a voter was able to choose a maximum of four candidates which was reduced to only one in the new system.

The opposition, which held 36 seats in a dissolved 2012 parliament, has described the move as unconstitutional. “We call for scrapping this parliament and the repealing of the one-vote decree because this parliament does not represent the Kuwaiti people,” Muslim said. AFP