Wave of attacks kills 19 in Iraq

November 28, 2012 - 1:26:23 am
BAGHDAD: A wave of attacks including six car bombs, nine roadside bombs and a shooting killed 19 people and wounded 71 others yesterday in Iraq, security and medical officials said. The violence was mainly centred in Baghdad, where Shias were targeted, and the country’s north, which has seen high tensions in areas the autonomous Kurdistan wants to incorporate over the strong objections of the federal government.
In north Baghdad, three car bombs exploded near Shia places of worship, known as husseinyahs, in the Shuala, Graiat and Hurriyah areas, killing at least 12 people and wounding 50, officials said.
Earlier, three car bombs exploded in Kurdish areas of the disputed north Iraq city of Kirkuk, killing four people and wounding 16 others, while two roadside bombs exploded in an Arab-majority town about 50km east of Kirkuk, killing two people and wounding a third, officials said.AFP