UAE court rejects citizenship appeal of seven Islamists

November 13, 2012 - 5:55:12 am


ABU DHABI: A UAE court yesterday rejected an appeal by seven Islamists in a lawsuit they filed against the interior ministry for revoking their citizenship over alleged “terror” links.

The Federal Appeals Court in Abu Dhabi said in its ruling that it did not have the jurisdiction to examine a federal decision, confirming an earlier ruling by a lower court. “The (interior) ministry had implemented a federal decree, and that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the administrative court,” it said. The seven men, who were all naturalised between 1976 and 1986, have been behind bars since April 9 after refusing to obtain new nationalities.

In a rare move, the UAE revoked their citizenship late last year for allegedly threatening the Gulf state’s security. The men have all identified themselves as members of the UAE’s Reform and Social Guidance Association (Al Islah), which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

They have also signed a petition calling for political reforms which was launched by UAE intellectuals and activists in March 2011. The UAE  has not seen any popular protests calling for reforms such as those that have swept other Arab countries, including nearby Bahrain and Oman.AFP