Envoy calls for trial of US embassy attackers

October 14, 2012 - 2:05:51 am

TUNIS: The US envoy to Tunisia is calling for the trial of those behind a September attack on the American embassy during riots over a US-made film mocking Islam.

Ambassador Jacob Walles, in a letter to appear in the Tunisian press today, said the “government has an obligation to provide security for its citizens and its guests.”

He called on it to “carry through with its investigation and to bring the perpetrators and masterminds of this attack to justice.”

And he urged Tunisia’s people to “speak out against violence and terror and to play an active role in shaping the future,” saying “continued cooperation and investment in Tunisia requires a safe and secure operating environment.”

On September 14, deadly clashes broke out between security forces and protesters, most of them appearing to be Salafists angry over the film.

Some protesters hurled petrol bombs and then stormed the sprawling embassy complex before police fired live rounds and tear gas to drive them away.

Four people were killed and 49 hurt in the violence.

Walles said the the attackers inflicted millions of dollars of damage to the compound and burned more than 100 vehicles.