Overpass collapse kills one in Istanbul

September 03, 2014 - 2:23:45 pm

ISTANBUL: At least one person was killed and four hurt Tuesday in Istanbul when an overpass bridge collapsed onto a busy street, slicing a heavy goods vehicle in two, police said.

The accident happened after the vehicle apparently smashed into the side of the bridge on a busy highway in the Avcilar district on the city's European side during rush hour.

One person was killed and four others were pulled from the wreckage alive and taken to a nearby hospital, police said.

Video footage showed the vehicle and a bus trapped by the collapsed bridge.

The collapse bridge had severed the front of the heavy goods vehicle from its cargo.

It was not clear what the vehicle was carrying but fire services immediately covered it in foam, suggesting it was carrying a flammable substance.

An earthquake in 1999 badly damaged Avcilar where most of the buildings and infrastructure are of low quality. (AFP)