Air raids on Syria's Aleppo kill almost 2,000 in 2014

May 30, 2014 - 12:56:59 pm
BEIRUT: Barrel bombings and other Syrian government air raids on rebel districts of Aleppo and surrounding areas have killed 1,963 civilians since January, including 567 children, a monitoring group said Friday.
A total of 283 women were also among those confirmed killed in the air strikes, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which relies on a network of medics and activists on the ground for its reports.
The Britain-based monitoring group said the victims it documented were killed between January 1 and Thursday night in rebel-held areas of the northern city and the surrounding countryside.
Control of Aleppo, Syria's former commercial hub, has been divided since a rebel offensive in 2012.
Government aircraft launched a bombing campaign against rebel-held districts in the east in mid-December, frequently dropping shrapnel-packed barrel bombs. 
The use of the munitions, which are unguided and cannot be directed against military targets has been condemned by the international community and human rights groups. (AFP)